Jim Huber, MFA


Painting is a journey. It has direction, but its final destination is most always a surprise. My process is one of improvisation and revision. The composition develops through the use of many spontaneous, intuitive gestures and much experimentation with “automatic writing” to create a work that is non-objective, often lyrical, and somewhat surreal.

Meaning comes from the viewer. My goal is to arouse their imagination. I want the viewer to experience a lush world with compositions full of tension, energy, light, harmony, and balance. Each viewer should try to understand the piece through his or her own perceptions and experiences. There is no single explanation of the work. I want my paintings to take the viewer to a place of harmonious sensuality through a delicate balance of texture, form, and color. Non-objective abstract art is like music. Paintings, like melodies, can be evocative, bold, and full of energy or haunting and full of mystery. I strive for these things in my paintings.

My painting is a process of evolution. The colors and shapes, with which I start, are only the first layer of many. These many layers add to the works' richness and complexity. The varied organic shapes give a sense of movement and flow to the works. Adding light and dark colors in the right areas create high-lights and shadows that give the work luminosity and depth.

The painting is finally compete after much revising, defining, and refining. It is a process of willful persistence. I stop when the painting feels right.

Finally, I’m in complete agreement with the great 19th century romantic artist, Eugene Delacroix, who said: “The first merit of a picture is to be a feast for the eyes.”

These works are a lyrical exploration of color and shape, and, hopefully, a visual celebration.


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